Inflatable Jousting Ring- $225

Inflatable Jousting Ring

Want to keep them from wrestling in the house? This inflatable jousting ring features a 25 ft. diameter enclosure to let partygoers battle it out without risking anything other than their ego!

Dunk Tank- $205

Take your best shot dunking your friends with our portable dunk tank. This is a carnival classic perfect for summertime fundraisers, sporting events, church festivals, and corporate events.

The dunk tank includes a 5 foot tall target, 8 balls, and a 350 gallon basin. The platform holds anyone brave enough to get dunked, but under 275 pounds maximum weight please. $205 with delivery included.

Please be advised that you must provide your own water source to fill the tank. Also be aware that water must be drained at setup location.

Air Ball- $80

Let the games begin!
Tired of the traditional party games and amusements? Why not give our Air Ball inflatable a try between rounds of cornhole?