Hosting a wedding, church luncheon, or baby shower but don’t have enough seating? We deliver our party rentals to your event venue. Who wants to beg neighbors to borrow mismatched seating anyway?

Event Tables

Classic fold out table- $ 10 each

eight foot fold out party table for events
Event Tables

These fold out rectangular tables are 8 feet in length and are perfect for seating up 8-10 people.

Event Chairs

White Resin Chairs- $3 each

White Resin Chairs

These elegant folding chairs are white resin. This is the perfect compliment to any wedding or baby shower.

Metal Folding Chairs- $ 1.50 each

black metal chair for rent

These folding chairs are black metal.

Commercial Grade Party Tent

$ 160 plus a $50 local delivery and set up fee

Party Tent with White Canopy

Make this portable canopy tent part of your next special event. This canopy frame features sturdy commercial grade construction and an elegant white canopy to shield partygoers from the elements.

Seating Capacity:

  • 25 people for a sit-down dinner
  • 32 people for a buffet-style dinner
  • 42 people for cathedral (row) seating
  • 50 people for a cocktail party

Tent measures 15 ft X 15 ft wide and 18ft with 225 square feet of entertaining space.

Pop Up Tent

Blue Tent-$30

tent with blue canopy for rental

Keep your party guests protected from the sun under this 10′ x 10′ pop up tent’s shade at your next outdoor gathering.

Accent Decor

Wine/Whiskey Barrel Accent Decor- $40 each

Wine or Whiskey Barrel Accent Decor

Need extra decor to make that Pinterest-inspired party theme happen? Rent our rustic wine barrels. These can serve as a focal point or as additional tabletop storage to hold food, beverages, or centerpieces.


Generator- $50-75


Power your party with our generator. $50 with inflatable rental; $75 without inflatable rental.